The Smash Through Mentor and Intuitive Consultant

The Smash Through Mentor and Intuitive Consultant

Debora, The Smash Through Mentor and Intuitive Consultant has a very diverse background. She currently owns an established marketing business and is a consultant, serving individuals and corporate clients. She is recognized as a talented, effective, inspirational trainer, motivational speaker and coach, having developed and facilitated seminars, workshops and programs, delivered throughout North

Debora enjoys and is highly effective in helping her clients “smash through” what might be holding them apart from getting to where they want to be, with a fun, direct approach. To quote one client, “She has a talent that allows a person to open up to new ideas and viewpoints while examining obstacles and challenges that have been keeping them “stuck”. When she works with you, ideas seem to burst from her, making the experience fun and inspiring. Personally speaking, whenever I have a session with Debora, I come away feeling energized and empowered.”



STEPPING FORWARD INTO CONSCIOUS EXPANSION© – Your audience and attendees will sample a method designed to enable them to consciously expand their minds and take charge of their experiences.
Value add for the audience – A feel good, Spirit~gy© experience toward a positive, directionally focused “partnership” that is safe, non-judgmental and productive.

CONVERSATIONS WITH MY CIGARETTES© – For those wanting to kick a habit.
Value add for the audience – A Step by step approach that is surprisingly easy, rather fun and rewarding and most of all successful!

LIVE LIFE IN WOW!© – Your audience, like most people all over the World are looking for ways to feel good. This program focuses on the “Inside Out Renovation”© and why the WOW! Is so vital.
Value add for the audience – Coming away with a succinct understanding that while WOW! is an expression, when one is clear on the importance of it, life gets better!


“Debora is an excellent, natural, strong leader with lots of ideas
that just seem to flow from her. You had better be writing all those
great ideas down as she is speaking and counseling with you
because they are always just what you needed to know!”
—Rosemary Bergulund

“Sessions with Debora are experiences of intuitive insights and
free flowing ideas. Having an exceptionally creative mind she
is able to assess a situation quickly and has an innate ability to
suggest practical, effective solutions that help propel her clients
forward.”—Vera Goodman, Reading


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