Debora J. Hollick


🌟 Experience Transformation and Boost Productivity with Debora J. Hollick, The Smash Through Mentor! 🚀

Introducing Debora J. Hollick, an Executive Director/Owner, and a powerhouse in the field of personal and team performance optimization. With her expertise as an International Speaker, 4x International #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Productivity Facilitator, and Sales Trainer, she helps businesses and professionals smash through confusion, solve chaos, and stop cussing, while achieving remarkable results.

Clients describe their experience with Debora in this way, “It feels like receiving a warm energy hug, while also receiving a gentle kick in the pants!”

Her unique approach will help you create a selfie of a different sort, shifting your thoughts and boosting productivity to new heights. Together with her, you’ll increase employee retention, encourage inspired action, and build positive team dynamics.

In her customized sessions, she shares her own proven research methodology on how Thought = Performance. With her as your dream builder and persistent sales wizard, your organization will experience lasting change in just three sessions.

Debora is available for speaking engagements, whether in person or virtually, catering to corporations, groups, and associations of all sizes. She covers a range of impactful topics, including:

🌟 The W.O.W! (Wonder, Openness & Wisdom) Concept 

🌟 A Selfie of a Different Sort 

🌟 Listen To The Whispers Or…Get The 2×4! 

🌟 Do You Have A Bully Living Within?

She is not only an accomplished author of the anthology book LIVE LIFE IN W.O.W! Nuggets of Wonder, Openness & Wisdom, accompanied by a playbook, but she has also contributed to other inspiring books such as Cinderella Monologues by Mila Johansen, bLU Talks Business, Life, Universe Vol 3 by Corey Poirier, and How Big Can You Dream by Viki Winterton. Explore her author page on Amazon for more captivating reads, with additional books on the horizon.

“Sessions with Debora are experiences of intuitive insights and free-flowing ideas. Having an exceptionally creative mind she is able to assess a situation quickly and has an innate ability to suggest practical, effective solutions that help propel her clients forward.” —Vera Goodman, Reading

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